Higher Self ~ I Am that I Am




There is such power in “feeling side” of life:  Very, Very Powerful..


I will not allow anyone or anything to disturb my feelings again !


Disturbed feelings = discord


In that moment and while we are in that energy,

My Powerful and own “Beloved Presence”..

cannot answer any of my calls and cannot give me

the happiness and perfection It wants for me in my life.


I have a “Great God Presencewithin me and above me

that is.. All Intelligence, All Love, All Power,

the greatest “ Healing Agent” that is available

immediately at my call.


All that is necessary for the Higher Mind of my own

“God Self or Divine Self”  to fulfill my Prayers and my calls

is to maintain harmony in my feelings

because that’s where the “Great God Energy” is stored .


Go to Higher Beings or Ascended Masters using the “Authority”

of your own “Great God Self” or "I Am that I Am".


Ø      Mighty St. Germain words: “In the Name, Love, Wisdom, Power and

Authority of my “Great God Self..

"I Am that I Am"  I Command..  and I Demand ________.




Don’t forget that To think is to create therefore

U~ must always think positive & visualization also helps  __________ !




Now, some General Information:


  • Each day.. send my Love to my God “I Am” presence. (1st. thing)

  • Mantras or Decrees always finish with Love and Thanks or Gratitude !

  • My Beloved Higher God~ Christ Self stands above me in my

Electronic / Light body.

  • Take control of my attention like never before! Bring my attention

into my command or authority and watch what happens!


“I Am” a Multidimensional Being:


Ø      Only 1/3 of me is fully present in this World..

(therefore 1/3 is here on Earth)


Ø      2/3 of my "Higher Self" who “I Am” is fully Ascended & free;

living in Electronic / Light Body above my physical body



It’s Time to turn my attention back to.. My Great God Presence”,

the Source of my life, the True Divine Being that ‘I Am’

that stands above me unseen by human eyes.


Or turn “attention within” to “It’s Mighty Flame of Life”

within our “ Heart Chakra”.

Heart Chakra




Ø     We first came to Earth 14 million years ago.

Ø     We have lived 100’s of lifetimes.



Ø      Make commitment to life : live to best of my ability to

One Law of Life:  Peace, Love & Harmony !



Ø     Greatest feeling we have is Our desire..

( Desire Freedom) and leave it up to “God within my heart”  to fulfill

my desires.



Ø      Show-up ~ make choices:

Choose kind of life that I want.. Hold desire for that!  Let “God within my heart

andabove me be fulfillment of everything that I desire

manifest in my life  (Love freedom)



Ø      Do not accept credit for things.. All credit for anything that is good should

always be given to Light of Godthat beats our hearts.



Not necessary to ever make a mistake again. Acknowledge God,

 my own Mighty ‘I Am Presence, within me and above me'.

Ascended Master Hilarion energy






1 x Daily.. Thanks


God, the Mighty ‘I Am’ Presence of my life, within me and above me..

is the only acting Presence, Power, Intelligence, Guidance, Protection

and Perfection acting and expressing in my mind, my feelings,

my body and all the energy of my World”.



Every day:: Compel myself to go to my "God Presence",

within me and above me and say.. (Decree)


‘I Am God Presence and the Ascended Host,

“Reveal to me what U~ want me to know. Show me what U~ want me to do.

Fill me with the Power to have mastery and be victorious in these things.

I Love U~, I Bless U~, I Thank U~ and I Acknowledge U~

the Mighty ‘I Am’ Presence, the greatest Source of Power

and Perfection in the Universe as the only acting Intelligence

in my mind, my body, my feelings & my World ”.



Mighty ‘I Am’ Presence of my life, God of my Being

and Great Host of Ascended Masters ;

Show me, Reveal to me that which is the next thing

that U~ want me to know. Reveal to me what U~ want me to know

about this condition. Tell me what U~ want me to do”.


“Mighty ‘I Am’ God Presence , my own Beloved Higher Mind,

Great Host of Ascended Masters.. Beloved Jesus, Beloved St. Germain,

Goddess of Light.. Nada, Goddess of planet Earth.. Mary

and also Angels.. Akasha & Asun; Great Host of Light.

Reveal to me what U~ want me to know about everything

that is going on in my life . Show me what U~ want me to do.

What is the very next most important thing and give me the Power

and the Energy and Strength and Courage and Vision and Insight

and the Money and Supplies and Determination

and Inspiration to do what has been revealed to me.

I Love U~, I Bless U~ and I Thank U~”.




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